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Compress Your Code offer a free online tool to compress all your javascript, css and HTML code with 1 click of a button. You can copy and paste your source code into the direct input form below, or upload the file from your local machine, or simply enter the direct link to your .js, .css or .html file into the URL field. Our Minifier tool will instantly output the code for instant use.

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Why Compress?

Compacting or minifying your Javascript, CSS and HTML code can save storage space as well and speed up overall downloading, parsing and execution time of your web pages. Speeding up your webpages not only give your visitors a better experience on your website, but also gain advantages in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Compressing Javascript, CSS and HTML Codes

When "Minifying" your code, you are getting rid of unnecessary data, such as extra spaces, (new) line breaks, and indentation. Minifying or compacting your code has many benefits. For instance: